Cosmotropica EP


ReleaseLluvia Acida - Southern Hemisphere 2. LP, Comp (2022)
Radio showQMLS guestmix on GK Radio: Spiritual vocals, desert house & hypnotc grooves (2021)
video: live-actLive-act & synthporn on the rooftop @ Telekom Electric Beats (2020 april)
video: vinyl setTrippy & eclectic locdown set of layedback, future, house, jazzfunk, latin (2020 april)
ReleaseEbo Taylor – Chillum Trio Afrobass Flip (2019)
ReleaseTaïm – out on Budabeats 10 yrs LP compilation (2019)
Radio showVinyl only souljazz gems live at Tilos Selection radioshow @ Tilos FM 90.3 (2018 Jan)
Radio showExclusive groove/afrohouse set recorded for Hungarian medium 444 (2017 Dec)
ReleasePalmdrop – Cosmotropica EP (2017)
ReleaseEyes Closed Ears Open – Cosmotropica EP (2017)
ReleaseTracks recorded with Gilles Peterson in Havana are out at Brownswood! Checkit n ripit below:
vinyl setVinyl-only afrolatin set @ Napbácsi (2016 Aug)
hibryd setDJ set + Live @ Ozora (2016 June):
ReleaseChillum Trio - Phong (Unframed Records, 2015 Jan)
ReleaseAgita remix with Osdalgia (2014 May):
ReleaseAforbatics (2014 Jan):
ReleaseHeliophonic (2013):
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Chillum Trio has been founded by record producer, designer & creative coder Geza Szekeres in 2002 based in Budapest, Hungary. Chillum’s music mainly draws upon eclectic elements of soul, jazz, afrobeat, bossa, hiphop, triphop, dub, acid, electronica & house.

The vision is to marry spontaneous musicianship with deep, soulful tonality by bringing the elevation of traditional latin / african / roots music, and the funkadelic, dusty sound of 70’s soul/jazz era together with a touch of modern club vibes.



Chillum Trio originally was a trio with Geza Szekeres (Beats & Guitars), Marton Mehes, Gabor Molnar (Percussion, Bass). In 2003 David Kuttel, Peter Czako (keys, accordion) and 2003 Dj Dugo (scratches - winner of the 2002 DMC World Team Championship / Vinyl Warriors) joined the crew for a session. Their debut album, Cookin’ Shit Up has been recorded including 11 tracks.


In 2003 french dj / producer Laurent Garnier announced a competition for fresh eastern european bands. Among other notable artists like Anima Sound System and Alexandroid, two tracks of Chillum Trio has been selected on Garniers’ compilation called Datcha Studio Vol.2 at label Le Maquis.


In 2004-2005 several gigs had been performed at Sziget Festival, Open-Air parties of Pécs, and smaller fests with the Cöxpon Ambient crew.


During 2006-2012 the trio has been morphed into a solo project of Geza. His sound has been started to become more sophisticated and afro-soul based.


In 2013 Geza joined the Certified Ableton Live producer traning of imPro School of Technology & Sound where he has been inspired by the sessions of Amb, Fine Cut Bodies, Anorganic, and Iam Yank. After the graduation, Geza has joined the instructor's crew and he became the lead teacher of the Sampling Module up to this day.


Geza won a remix competition of Gilles Peterson, and recorded two original tracks in Cuba with Gilles & Dj Simbad.

Gilles Peterson & Geza Check out the interviews and the whole story:

Dj Mag article from my fried Adam Saville (Some memoirs about Cuba in hungarian)
Behind the sceenes in Abdala Studio, Havana


The year 2015 started with a deepbossa release at Unframed Records, then Geza has been invited to return to Havana for a gig on the occasion of the 20th Biennial. Beside the gig he has also recorded some unofficial joints.


Geza played at Ozora Festival, with his friend Márton Méhes (former member of the original Chillum Trio collective). He also played a vinyl only set from his Cuban treasure-box, on the occasion of a Budabeats 7" release party. By the end of the year his track Yemamya also has been selected and reissued on Brownswood's 3 LP compilation called Havanna Cultura Anthology by Gilles Peterson.


After studio focused year Budabeats Records released Chillum Trio’s first ever 12” single called Cosmotropica with two dancefloor friendly tracks mixing broken afro-house with tropical and cosmic influences.

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